Nails – Lashes – Professional Make-up

“Be whoever you want to be”

 We’re trained to know what will look good based on your features, let us transform you. Sometimes we find it tricky to apply make up ourselves, getting your makeup done by a professional is the perfect opportunity to embrace it and get those false lashes without anxiety.  We use various well known brands to create the best style for you, no one brand fits all.  Our skin types are all so different, we will match the make up to your skin and create that look you desire.


Nails and Lashes

Full Set Acrylic/Gel Extensions                £45

Acrylic/Gel Infills                                        £25

Novalash Semi Perm Lashes                   £45

Brow & Lash Tint                                        £25

Make Up (with lashes)                               £50

Make Up (without lashes)                         £45

Make the ultimate

first impression